BSB (GB) Ltd - Lechler Main Agents

BSB (GB) Ltd - Lechler Main Agents

DacMix and Lechler Paint Mixing Machines

Welcome to BSB (GB) Ltd

BSB (GB) Ltd Paint Factors is one of the largest independent automotive refinish suppliers in the South East. We have branches in three different locations including a training centre at the head office.

We place a strong emphasis on our customer service and training in the industrial, refinish and commercial vehicle divisions.

Our superb automotive paint range includes Lechler, Lesonal, T-Euro, Dacrylate and Max Meyer. Compliant paint schemes available for all types of body shops, which can be installed, either by our own technician or by the manufacturers team, complete with colour indexes and swatches.

We supply a wide range of consumables from suppliers such as Farecla, 3M, Mirka, Indasa, Trade Group, HB Body, Tetrosyl, Bonda and many more.

At our three branches we already use the manual Lechsys paint mixing system which has proved to be very successful and versatile. Its main usage is industrial, commercial vehicle and miscellaneous coatings. The product range includes 1K , 2K and Epoxy Primers, Industrial Cellulose, Synthetics, 1K and 2K Polyurethane, 1K and 2K Acrylics, Stoving and Technogrip. To enhance our capacity it has been necessary to introduce a new automated mixing machine at our Strood branch, which can produce quantities from 1 ltr to 20 ltrs at a time. Also available is the Dacrylate product range, which includes the agricultural colours, RAL and BS colours. Please contact your nearest branch for any information regarding our product range.

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