BSB (GB) Ltd - Lechler Main Agents

BSB (GB) Ltd - Lechler Main Agents

Our Product Ranges


Making a minor repair? or are you engaged in full restoration work? It may be a cliché but all great paint jobs are made in the preparation.  Here you will find a range of abrasives to help you get the job done with efficiency and to the highest standards.

Our leading brands of Mirka and 3M are both well established in the industry and cover all areas of preparation and finishing.


You may not always want to use your gun for that small repair so why not order a custom made aerosol from BSB.

We also stock many readymade aerosols including primers, lacquers and top coats.

If you are a smart repairer, keeping a small selection of aerosols on board can save you time.

Alternatively you may wish to make good minor damage on your own vehicle.

Either way with a little care and attention an aerosol applied finish could be the answer for you.


Our extensive range of consumables covers everything you will need from tack rags to polishing cloth.

It doesn't matter whether you are working on a concours classic, or an everyday workhorse, you can still achieve the finish you are looking for by selecting the correct products for the job.

Please contact us should you require advice, we are here to help.

Paints and Lacquers

At BSB(GB)Ltd we cater for the full spectrum of paint and lacquer finishes.

Our customers range from commercial finishers to industrial and car repairers.

If you are painting the lines on a runway, or perhaps renewing a garage floor, we will have a coating to suit.

There are many lacquers available from budget to premier please ask for advice if you are not sure.

Painting Tools

A workman so it is said is only as good as his tools. At BSB(GB)Ltd you will find all types of application equipment from budget spray guns to the brand leaders.

If you can’t use a spray gun or you don't have one then you may wish to consider other methods of application. Many of our finishing products can be applied by brush or roller. To this end you will find all you need here from economy and premier brushes to paint trays and roller handles.

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